NATDA Statement on Current Events

NATDA recognizes the severity of the discussions currently taking place around the United States pertaining to the injustices that have permeated government infrastructures for so long. Though saddened that the discussions have taken this long to happen, we are hopeful that meaningful discourse will lead to substantial change.

The NATDA was founded by President Andy Ackerman with the belief that trailer dealerships throughout the United States and Canada deserve a community to connect with, a place to learn and, most importantly, a voice to be heard.

The trailer industry has long been made up of men and women from all walks of life, including varying religious practices, genders, and ethnicities, and the association still maintains the same belief as it did upon its founding. The association, and its events, are a place of inclusiveness, where trailer dealership owners and employees can come together, equal in standing, to celebrate an industry that has long been the backbone of the American work ethic.

We are proud of all the men and women that make up the trailer industry in the United States. We look forward to meaningful changes being implemented that will result not only in equality for all but align with the core beliefs our association was founded on so long ago.

The NATDA Team