MTE Hydraulics, Inc. Releases New Dump Trailer Power Unit

ROCKFORD, Ill. - MTE Hydraulics, Inc. has introduced the Power-Up/Power-Down/Gravity Down dump trailer power unit to its family of products. The VE dump trailer power unit will allow the trailer operator to lower the trailer without running the unit. This feature saves battery life and reduces the run time on the electric motor

"The benefit of this unit is that it gives you the ability to power up, power down or gravity lower the dump trailer. By using the gravity feature, you have fewer cycles on the electric motor and can extend the overall battery life of the dump trailer," explained Regional Sales Manager at MTE Hydraulics, Inc., Jack Fitzgerald.

The VE Dump Trailer Power Unit offers:
  • New Die-Cast Aluminum Standardized Port Plate
  • New High-Efficiency Pressure Balanced Pump-Faster dump cycles to save battery
    life and time
  • New Optimized Circuit-Both Double Acting and Single Acting in a single unit
  • VE Design can utilize a 3.7”, 4.5”, or 5” DC Motor in the same configuration

To download the specification sheet for the VE Dump Trailer Power Unit, please click HERE

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Source: MTE Hydraulics, Inc. Press Release