Mark Podeyn’s Top 10 Recession Lessons Still Applicable Today

Written by Mark Podeyn, Action RV

BOSQUE FARMS, N.M. - Hello, everyone! I want to share some of the notes I wrote exiting the recession in 2009. These are the lessons I came away with and I hope they help in these uncertain times. I still practice these every day. As a matter of fact, I wake up every morning thinking about #3.

Here are my Top 10 lessons:

1. Never marry the moment - bad or good. It is always temporary.

2. Know your numbers. How much money do you need to survive? What is the least you need? Have a budget and stay disciplined.

3. Always have a healthy paranoia. If someone had to put you out of business, what would they need to do? Go fix it.

4. Be scalable - both up and down. Be nimble. Be ready to pivot.

5. List your (as a human) intellectual assets. How can you apply these assets to pivot or survive?

6. Be active in doing tasks that build confidence and self-esteem.

7. Never be too proud or arrogant to ask for help.

8. Spend money only on expenditures that will result in cash flow revenue generation.

9. Never stop marketing. Be a guerilla marketer.

10. Say out loud, “I will survive this. I have what it takes.”

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