Look Trailers Celebrates 2020 as a Decade in Business

DISCLAIMER: At the time of this interview, the effects of COVID-19 on the trailer industry and the overall economy had not yet hit. Look Trailers, like many, has been affected in various ways and its heart goes out to those that have been and continue to be affected.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - With brands such as Pace American, Cargo Express, Everlite Trailers, Formula Trailers and the founding brand, Look Trailers, Look Trailers has become one of the most prominent names in the trailer industry. 2020 marks a special point in the company’s timeline as it celebrates a quick-rising decade in business.

NATDA had the opportunity to sit down with Look Trailers’ president, Matt Arnold, to discuss not only the historic occasion but what dealers can look forward to from Look Trailers’ brands in the future.

NATDA: First, congratulations on ten years in the industry! Clearly, Look Trailers has grown into a leading manufacturer in the past decade, but the last two years seem like it’s been the start of something special. What’s changed?

Arnold: We’ve matured exponentially over the last two years. We’ve gotten to a size and scope where we’ve been able to add additional talent to our team to execute at a higher level. Our daily focus continues to improve our relationship with dealers.

We’re one of those companies that genuinely respects and appreciates the retail dealer. We realize that’s how we grew - being humble and trying to earn every order. I don’t think our fundamental reason for coming to work every day has changed, but, over the years, we’ve improved our employee retention, the safety standards for our employees, the quality of our products and our dealer relationships. Most importantly, we want our co-workers to enjoy a safe and family-oriented work environment.

NATDA: Were there any specific programs that you’ve instituted to try and stand out or build those relationships?

Arnold: Not exactly. When my father was alive and we started this company, he sat Steve [Hartman] and me down. He said something very poignant, which we’ve even discussed in the last year.

He said, “Someday, you’re not going to be the new guy on the block. You’re going to have to deliver on your reputation and your ability to deliver good products and take care of dealers.”

We’ve never forgotten that conversation. We grew fast and, at times, it was hard to keep up. But, over the last couple of years, we’ve focused on running the company better - such as retaining employees. As an organization, we focused on things internally so we could deliver better, consistent results to dealers. We’ve seen a lot of companies grow quickly and disappear because they didn’t focus on the dealers’ desires. Our “programs” are more internally driven based on dealer and customer feedback. You can say what you want, but people look at your actions. That’s how they base their decisions. We take that to heart.

Over the next year and a half, we’re taking that next step. People will start to see us separate ourselves from the rest of the pack and deliver things that will help dealers sell their products.

NATDA: Is there anything new, marketing-wise, that Look Trailers will roll out this year to coincide with your anniversary?

Arnold: Doug Moats, our new Director of Marketing, is in the process of redoing our website. We’re also putting a lot of emphasis on our social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, to demonstrate and show new products we’re building. From there, we can provide video and graphic services to our dealers, or even make them items as they request them.

*** Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series, where we begin to dive into the newest products Look Trailers has released to the market.***