Let's Go Aero Reveals Enhancements to The LittleGiant Trailer™

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The LittleGiant Trailer™ has been a favorite go-to product for Let’s Go Aero customers since its introduction in 2008. Designed as a pickup bed size trailer with 24-inch tall bedsides and three-quarter-ton payload capacity, The LittleGiant Trailer™ is a platform product that can be outfitted with unrivaled accessory combinations to create a “one size fits all” winning lifestyle activity platform.

“We’ve driven a lot of new LittleGiant innovation and greatly expanded its accessory offerings. The new LittleGiant line carries forward its market-proven and valuable features while adding several co-innovations to it from LGA’s V-Rack and camping product lines.”, shares Marty Williams, inventor and CEO of Let’s Go Aero.

Enhancements begin with a flat black powder coat finish over The LittleGiant Trailer™ galvanized steel sheet construction, and all-black trivalent finished hardware and brackets. Available in two models for all-terrain (The LittleGiant Trailer™) and Overlanding (SpecOPS Trailer) with 1,500 and 2,000-pound cargo-hauling capacity, respectively. The LittleGiant Trailer ™’s torsion axle now includes provisions for adding electric brakes and is cambered for excellent tracking and even tire tread wear.

Both trailer models have a common pickup bed and performance-driven running gear ‘any road’ rating to run all day at interstate speeds and be just as happy crawling around the backcountry without roads. The LittleGiant Trailer™ model runs on B78 80D 13-inch tires that provide 15-inch of ground clearance. The SpecOPS model comes with a radial light truck off-road rated 29-inch tire on a modular black steel rim for a stylish look, performance, and 20-inches of ground clearance.

Built for over-drive, the trailers’ torsion axle suspension system adds incredible frame strength to the trailer body and provides independent rubber suspension for worry-free travels. Both models utilize a 5,000-pound A-Frame coupler design, heavy-duty rated S-Hook safety cables, a fully shielded EPDM rubber coated wire harness, 4-flat lighting connector and full LED lighting.

Along with The LittleGiant Trailer ™’s lightweight and surprisingly durable ‘Box-Truss’ comes a marine swivel jack and levelers that provide stability when standing inside to load and unload gear, and forms the basis for tent camping usage through three camper upfit conversion kits. For convenient utility and camper conversion, the LittleGiant has removable front and rear end gates that seal tight to keep the interior dry and dust-free, as well as reposition inside the trailer for second-level sleeping platform surface space.

The trailer’s novel system of modularity now brings many more choices and new surprises for gear transport, utility, and overland adventure. As the true original, it is, both The LittleGiant Trailer™ and SpecOPS trailers can be outfitted with three different camper upfit kits: TreeHaus, SummitHaus and CrashPad configurations offered by LGA, along with fitting all aftermarket rooftop tents in a valuable tow behind the system. Soft tonneau and hardshell tonneau covers, along with four distinctive rack choices that carry a wide variety of cargo including bikes, kayaks, fly rod holders, rooftop tents, ladders, and related job or recreational equipment are all part of a very exciting 2020 line up from Let’s Go Aero.

About Let’s Go Aero

Let’s Go Aero is a Colorado-based outdoor lifestyle brand company dedicated to innovation that enhances the automotive, travel, and outdoor living experience.

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Source: Let's Go Aero Press Release