Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc. Welcomes H&R Special Springs

SOURCE: Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc.

Exeter, PA (June 4, 2019) - Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc. welcomes H&R Special Springs to its suspension category. With a commitment to superior quality, incredible performance, and top-notch customer service, H&R has proven itself as a leading supplier of suspension technology.

Founders Werner Heine and Heinz Remmen, who constitute the H&R in the company name, founded H&R Springs in the 1970s, building upon years of combined automotive knowledge and suspension expertise. A laser focus on exceptional materials, production, and performance led the two men to obtain an approval certificate from the strict German regulating body, the Technischer Uberwachungs Verein (TUV), making H&R the first manufacturer to do so and its lowering spring to be the first to ever pass these high standards. Such dedication to excellence allowed H&R to establish an aftermarket spring market in Germany, paving the way for other suspension innovators in Europe and beyond.

Today, the company’s diverse product line includes four spring lines, six coil-over lines, two Cup Kit product lines, a sway bar program, the industry’s largest wheel spacer and adapter program, as well as camber adjustment bolts, stud conversions, and more. Each item is specially crafted in Germany, then tested and researched in the company’s Bellingham, Washington facility to ensure H&R’s commitment to exceeding ISO quality assurance standards.

“H&R is a highly-revered performance handling brand. Their quality is a perfect match for KAO’s assortment of product offerings, and we’re beyond excited to be partnered together,” says Brick Spurio, Category Manager at Keystone. “H&R has an established heritage of industry respect and customer confidence due to the quality of our products, the definitive edge we give our customers’ vehicles, and the additional benefit of knowing H&R works right out of the box,” says the company. “Every suspension application is designed to be vehicle specific and all of our products are manufactured and produced to enhance handling potential, personal style, and retain vehicle ride comfort.”

The H&R Quality Advantage

H&R springs are constructed of special high-tensile steel using state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring strength, resilience, and more durability than the competition. Every spring is shot-peened to increase its life by more than 200%, and none leave the facility without being tested against the manufacturer’s sky-high standards.

As the originator of the true coil over suspension for street performance, H&R’s applications feature an innovative monotube gas shock construction fine-tuned with a progressive rate spring, engineered to provide consistent performance and rider comfort. Additionally, each coil uses a fully-threaded custom shock allowing for adjustable vehicle lowering so drivers can dial in the perfect ride height per their style.

Another standout offering on the H&R roster is the company’s high-performance I.D. Race Springs. Crafted from special lightweight spring steel and manufactured through advanced precision technology, H&R guarantees that for any given spring rate, these products are on average 15% lighter and have 10% more travel than the competition. Designed for demanding applications, they will never set or sag.

Commitment to Excellence Going Forward

H&R’s commitment to advanced suspension technology has been the backbone of its business for nearly 50 years, guaranteeing customers the best springs on the market. Partnering with Keystone will allow the manufacturer to reach a large, previously-untapped market of enthusiasts who take the quality, dependability and performance of their springs seriously.


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