Industrial Wood Technology's Blackwood Pro Available to All

Source: Industrial Wood Technology Press Release

Tyler, TX (October 8, 2019) - Blackwood Pro is no longer exclusive and is now available to all trailer manufacturers.

Industrial Wood Technology announced the release of its second patent pending product at the NATDA Trade Show and Convention in St. Louis, MO, on Friday, September 6, 2019. PJ Trailers held an exclusive agreement on Blackwood Pro until this release.

Blackwood Pro follows Blackwood Classic as IWT’s next product in its Blackwood line. Pro has all the same benefits of Classic, superior traction, added strength and longer life, along with the added benefit of complete surface protection.

A product with complete surface coverage, such as Pro, was in the works from the beginning, according to Blackwood inventor, Kyle Gillin.

“When we came out with Blackwood Classic, going to complete coverage was the obvious next step,” Gillin said. “Thanks to advances and improvements in our process and components, we were able to make it happen. We’re excited to open Pro up to everyone.”

Blackwood Pro is a unique product in that it is a true lumber-rubber hybrid. Lumber is commonly used for decking because of its strength per pound. Other recent products offering an alternative to lumber have been composed of recycled rubber and fiberglass. Such products are heavy and brittle, adding additional weight and requiring additional bracing.

No other product on the market offers the benefits of both lumber and rubber. Blackwood Pro offers the best of both worlds: the traction and durability of rubber, and the strength and weight of lumber.

The complete rubber surface offers superior traction across the entire deck. Better traction makes loading and unloading safer and easier. Completely covered, the lumber will last significantly longer, untouched by harmful UV rays. That also means no more grayed wood decks. The rubber holds its color for years. The dense industrial grade rubber used for Blackwood Pro can absorb heavy impact and doesn’t split, crack or splinter like lumber.

Blackwood Pro is manufactured using sorted, high-grade, treated southern yellow pine. Pine is strong and light and Blackwood Pro doesn’t add any additional weight compared to treated pine. Blackwood Pro doesn’t require any additional bracing.

Several trailer manufacturers including Big Tex, Load Trail, Diamond C and Maxxd will soon be joining PJ Trailers in offering Blackwood Pro.

“We’re very excited to offer Blackwood Pro as a premium flooring option on our trailers,” said Johnathan Bradley, Vice President of Sales for Big Tex Trailers. “Our customers expect products that are safe, durable and that perform up to the expectations of professionals using their trailers day in and day out. Those expectations are the driving force behind product innovation at Big Tex. Blackwood Pro is a great example of a feature that can perform up to those high expectations.”

Industrial Wood Technology is already working on developing new products, with potential additions to the Blackwood line, according to Gillin.

“We’re never happy with the status quo,” Gillin said. “I believe we can continue to improve and provide more innovation to the lumber industry. We already have new ideas, products and upgrades in the works.”


Founded in 2014, Industrial Wood Technology is headquartered in Tyler, Texas. IWT operates a full-service lumber treating plant with a focus on developing products and programs that add value and meet the specific needs of its customers. IWT’s release of Blackwood Lumber in May 2014 was its first in a continuous line of innovative products. IWT’s mission statement is to lead the lumber industry by endlessly pursuing innovation, taking today’s products and making them better for tomorrow. For more information, call 903-705-6982 or visit