Ignited Services, LLC Introduces Exclusive Discount for NATDA Members

HERRIN, Ill. - Ignited Services, LLC, a marketing service offering its unique “video conquest campaigns” and first-time exhibitor at this year’s 2020 NATDA Trailer Show, has announced an exclusive $500 discount specifically for NATDA members.

The company’s “video conquest marketing email campaigns” offer over 1,200 filters, allowing companies to drill-down to their perfect prospect. Ignited Services, LLC’s Vicki Shipp says the campaigns are a “proven system of increasing revenue for clients.”

“It works with trailer dealerships, manufacturers and most B2C industries on a local, state or national level,” Shipp says. “It gives companies VIP access to the industry’s largest permission-based, opt-in email database. Your message reaches who you want, where you want and when you want with a no-bot guarantee.”

Shipp says there are no contracts or set up fees, nor does the platform require access to an existing customer base.

“To put it simply,” Shipp says, “the program targets your competition’s customers.”

Those looking to add increased marketing value during a socially-distant period are encouraged to contact Vicki Shipp, Ignited Services, LLC’s NATDA Account Manager, at 260-580-2636 or email vicki@ignitedservices.com to discuss unique ideas and options.

For the exclusive discount, members should be prepared to provide membership contact information and/or the dealership UID number to verify active membership status with NATDA.

To learn more, please visit www.ignitedservices.com.

About Ignited Services, LLC (Booth 263)

The way we communicate has changed. Ignited Services, LLC campaigns target active web shoppers in your market, whether it be local, state or national markets. This gives you VIP access to the industry’s largest permission-based, opt-in email databases available. Your message reaches who you want, where you want, and when you want. The company has no contracts (marketing campaigns are on a month-to-month agreement), no set-up fees, nor do we require access to your existing customer base. Ignited Services, LLC Video Conquest Marketing Campaigns offer over 1,200 filters that allow us to drill-down to find your perfect prospect.

Source: Ignited Services, LLC Press Release