How to Leverage Your Social Media Audience to Gain More Customers

03/23/2017 5:22pm

Social Media

SOURCE: Dealer Spike

You have probably heard of the term “customer journey” before – but do you know what it means?

The customer journey is the pathway that your customers take from the first moment that they learn about your business and what kind of products you offer. The customer journey, or pathway, doesn’t need to come to an end. In fact, in a perfect world, the person who gains awareness of your brand later becomes a lifelong customer and advocate for your dealership – praising your customer service and products, remaining loyal to you for all of their trailer needs, and recommending you to others.

This journey is especially apparent via social media, and the strategy that you apply to your social media marketing efforts should keep the customer journey at top of mind. Some general guidelines that may be useful to follow:

  1. Assume that someone visiting your social media page is visiting for the first time. Is it simple for them to understand what your dealership offers? Is there a direct link to your website, and contact information that they can easily find? Do your images and content accurately reflect the nature of your business? These are all things that you should consider from an outsider’s perspective.
  2. Whether they are brand new to your dealership or not, visitors will often come to your social media pages looking for advice and/or opinions about your dealership from your other followers. For that reason, it’s a good idea to encourage a sense of community through your dealership’s social media presence. One effective method? Encourage customers to post pictures of their newly purchased trailer on their own social media pages and tagging your dealership, so that you can share their posts with your audience. Also, ask happy customers to leave feedback about their experience on review sites and on your social media pages. These are just a few examples of ways that you can build up a community that is both helpful and appealing for new potential customers who come your way.
  3. Keep current customers engaged, and keep them coming back, by playing an active role in the community you’ve created. Thank your customers often, and keep them in the loop about your upcoming events, holiday promotions, and big sales. An effective way to gain and maintain your following on social media is through special offers and exclusive deals – example, “Like us on Facebook for a 10% discount on your next parts purchase.” Try not to get into the habit of only posting social media updates about the products you sell. Engage with your audience in ways that feel natural – wishing them a good day, asking what their plans are for the weekend, sharing funny or heartwarming pictures or videos – form bonds with your followers to help them feel connected to your business.
  4. You may find, through following the steps above, that advocates for your dealership appear on their own. If not, your team members can likely recommend happy customers who they’ve worked with and can ask to share their experiences online. Don’t be afraid to ask for your followers’ opinions on social media too – happy customers don’t always think to share without first being prompted. If unhappy customers arise, the way you respond and handle the issue makes all the difference.

If you haven’t looked at your social media audience in a strategic way before, now is the time to do it! Social media is only increasing in popularity, and there’s a lot of opportunities to grow engagement and boost your dealership’s image through this platform.