How to Leverage Online Reviews to Grow Your Trailer Dealership


Trailer dealers are at a crossroads that will help determine the strength and success of the industry for years to come. The demand for trailer sales and rentals is based on necessity, which has created a niche market of consumers. Simply put, there will always be a need for trailers in the right crowd. While the inherent demand for trailers will always be there, the consumer audience itself is changing along with the times, and trailer dealers must be able to adapt to this dynamic marketplace.

Today’s consumers rely on recommendations and suggestions for nearly every major purchase decision they make, including trailers. In fact, these word-of-mouth recommendations can be even more critical for trailer dealers since, because customers know exactly what they’re looking for, customer service and experience can truly make a difference. And, as traditional recommendations evolve into online ratings and reviews, providing an exceptional customer experience is key for trailer dealers trying to separate themselves from the competition.

For trailer dealers, capitalizing on positive online reviews isn’t just about getting more eyes on your business or bringing more customers through your doors. Online reviews now impact over 67% of purchase decisions, which means they have the potential to have a measurable – and significant – impact on revenue. Many trailer dealers now find themselves in a unique position where delivering amazing customer experiences, engaging with consumers, and influencing online reviews are converging to create a scalable way to grow a business.

Here are a few ways trailer dealers can leverage online reviews to strengthen industry reputation and grow revenue:

Focus on the quality of your online reviews.

Consumers hunt down online reviews for the same reason they ask for friend’s opinions before making a buying decision: they want to know they’re getting the best. This means they almost exclusively look for businesses and products with high ratings. Businesses with a negative review on the first page of their online results risk losing more than 20% of potential business. Increasing the quality of your online reviews can help engage more consumers and close more business. In fact, simply boosting your online rating by a single star can result in up to a 9% increase in revenue. Simply put, positive consumer experiences can last well beyond the four walls of your business.

Start responding directly to all reviews.

Engaging directly with customers to drive inbound reviews is incredibly important, but there is more work to be done after a new review is posted. Whether they leave a positive or negative online review, customers are giving feedback to you and your team, which should be taken to heart. Respond directly to every single online review thanking the customer, answering any questions they might have asked, or offering a response to any negative opinions. Just remember: consumers want to know they’re working with real, engaging people, and responding to online reviews can give your business a human element online.

Build a strong digital presence.

Today’s consumers are driven by digital engagement, and traditional retail purchases (or rentals) like trailers aren’t immune to this environment. Nearly half of adult U.S. consumers run a Google search before doing business with others, and over 50% of these people have uncovered information to drive their decision forward. In order to remain competitive in today’s trailer industry, dealers must not only have a robust digital presence but also optimize this online identity to be positive and alluring to consumers. An online search is often the first point of engagement between a dealer and a potential customer, and you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

Aim to drive as many online reviews as possible.

While quality is especially important when it comes to online reviews, quantity shouldn’t be overlooked. When a consumer has a choice between two businesses, the one with more online reviews is much more likely to capture the new business than the other one. Make sure you’re actively reaching out to as many consumers as possible – regardless of how the purchase decision ended – to drive more reviews. After all, the more the merrier when it comes to online reviews!

You can learn more about how online reviews can grow your business here.


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