How To Convert One-Time Trailer Buyers into Loyal Customers

Written by Dealer Spike

After you have sold a unit or piece of equipment to a buyer, do you expect to see that buyer again? Maintaining contact with buyers after a sale is a crucial part of building a solid customer base—it demonstrates that you stand behind your product and care that your customers are happy with your service. Loyal customers also bring your dealership greater revenue, as they are more likely to increase their buying frequency and spend more on a purchase.

Dealer Spike is excited to share some tips to re-engage buyers after their first sale and turn a one-time buyer into a loyal customer who will choose your brand over your competitors’ every time.

Maintenance Services

The weather is warming up quickly, and that means bikers, boaters, equestrians and road trippers are preparing their trailers to undergo some heavy-duty mileage. Encourage buyers to return to your dealership by stressing the importance of having their trailers serviced before they hit the road. Tune-ups and repairs provide an ongoing service that compels buyers to return to your store regularly.

Summer Parts & Accessories Specials

Are you currently running summer specials? Are you getting the word out to your customers? The changing of the season is a great time to advertise your units, parts and accessories required for this time of year. For example, you can invite previous buyers to visit your dealership and save on essentials for towing a boat or bike throughout the seasons. If you offer gear and tackle, invite your dealers to come by your “one-stop-shop” and stock up on summer gear.

So, how do you notify buyers about services and sales if they aren’t standing in your lobby? In today’s digital world, interaction with buyers is no longer dependent on them visiting your physical store. You can reconnect with previous buyers through multiple online channels and digitally maintain the after-sale relationship.

High-Performance Website

Your website serves as the initial point of contact for the 86% of consumers who browse online before making a purchase. Keep your website updated with your current services and promotions so that returning visitors know when your dealership offers something new and exciting.

Online Publications

If you don’t currently maintain a blog or online newsletter, you are missing a powerful tool to keep buyers engaged with your business. Your blog or newsletter is an excellent source for your dealership’s latest news and can include direct links to your service and inventory webpages. On top of promoting your dealership, you can also create content that draws loyal readers, such as sharing your favorite campground or riding trail.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing is a powerful digital marketing tool that allows you to advertise directly to online browsers who have purchased from you in the past. When a customer purchases from your online platform, customized ads for similar on-sale parts and units appear in prominent ad slots on search engines or social channels. The object of remarketing is to draw buyers back to your website for another purchase.

Social Media

Consumers are more likely to trust a brand after they have established a personal connection, and social media is an excellent opportunity to project your dealership’s “voice” and personality. As consumerism becomes increasingly digital, customers expect brands to be active on multiple social channels. Social media has become so mainstream and accessible that regular posting is considered to correlate directly with your brand commitment.

Selling inventory is your main priority, and re-engaging buyers after their first sale should be a key component of your sales strategy. Loyal customers generate higher revenue and provide free word-of-mouth advertising for your dealership. The next time a buyer drives off your lot with a brand-new trailer, leverage the power of the internet to reconnect with that lead and earn their business.

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