How Best Price Trailers Became A Star in the Trailer Industry

If you’ve been in the trailer industry a while, it’s hard not to know the name “Best Price Trailer Sales.” Robin Hanger’s dealership has been a staple since 2000. In a span of twenty years, a small span of time to many trailer dealers, Hanger has become a wanted man not only to consumers looking for the latest cargo hauler, but to manufacturers looking for feedback.

Originally the owner of a successful automotive business in the little city of Holly Hill, Hanger came upon the decision to sell trailers in an interesting way. His service department, at the time, would repair the trailers it could, but when the trailer reached the end of its limit Hanger would have to recommend his customers buy a new trailer. They found that to be nearly impossible, though, due to a severe lack of response by dealers. To help, Hanger, started calling, but came to the exact same conclusion.

So, he bought the property next door to his automotive business in 2000 and purchased four trailers. He sold them, ordered more and gradually grew.

“They were a company called Trans Haul,” Hanger remembers. “One of my first Reps was Jimmy Monk. He’s still a good friend of mine.”

The lack of response from manufacturers is something he doesn’t accept anymore. His manufacturers must be good, reliable, notable companies, but a lot has to do with his relationship with the representative. To him, those representatives need to be a dealers’ best friend.

“I’ve had Reps that never call you back. You feel like they’re too busy for you. So, I’m no longer their dealer. I don’t have time to play phone tag. People get too big and their egos grow,” Hanger explains.

Over the past two to three years, he’s narrowed down his manufacturers to eliminate most hassles. He’s been an ATC dealer since 2000 and is quite fond of Sure-Trac, too. There’s one Georgian manufacturer, Anvil Trailers, that he’s grown to love after three years of working with through manufacturing procedures, quality-control issues and the creation of a new stacker that debuted at the Daytona Beach Street Rod Run.

“They’re coming on strong and they’re good people,” he says. “We’ve worked well together.”

Finding good manufacturing partners has allowed Hanger to focus on the important tasks of everyday business, such as his employees. Those employees, which include his son, Ryan, and another gentleman, Drew, that’s been with Hanger for over 25 years, are people Hanger has worked hard to keep.

“The workforce in Florida is challenging and we’ve had turnover, but, all in all, I’ve got a good family of friends here.”

“Family of friends” is the best way to describe Hanger’s community. He went to school right across the street from where his dealership now stands. On that very property used to be a car wash where Hanger would clean out vacuums as a 12-year-old so that he could buy a soda.

“It was a pleasant day in my life when I was able to buy the property I used to hang out at,” Hanger recollects. “My little community of Holly Hill is friendly. I wouldn’t change this little 4-square-mile city for nothing.”

While Hanger is grateful for his community, he also knows that if it weren’t for branching outside of it, his business would’ve closed a long time ago.

“If I hadn’t found my webmaster, we’d have been out of business. He was able to let us be seen nationwide. I just shipped two trailers to Dubai. I’ve sent trailers to Russia. We’ve sent multiple trailers to Africa. If we relied just on local business, we’d be half the size we are.”

That webmaster that he found was the byproduct of attending the very first NATDA Trade Show & Convention. That was his sole intention in attending that year, but Hanger has found himself going back every year since.

“I’m shocked at some of the comments I hear. Dealers say they don’t have the time, or they don’t need to go every year. I’m not always looking for manufacturers. I see it as a chance to not only see what’s new out there, but to see what I’m selling against. I go there to get thoughts and be around trailer people. If you’re in the trailer business and you don’t go every year, even if you go for a day, you’re not truly in the trailer business.”

Obviously, it takes a special person and special circumstances to make someone as successful as Robin Hanger. A trade show isn’t a fix-all, even if you’ve attended all of them like Hanger. Ultimately, it comes down to motivation. Shortly after opening his trailer dealership, Hanger’s mother passed. It was her last words, spoken to her caretaker, that still motivates Hanger to this day: “Tell my son, Robin, to keep doing what he does.”

“I went to work the next day and never looked back. I love what I do.”

* Robin would like to issue a special thank you to his entire staff.