Honest to the Core: How WSS Trailers Retains Customers

Prior to 2000, Earnest White was firmly embedded in the footwear business. As that industry moved overseas, though, Earnest and his brother sought out a new venture. The pair started buying and selling trailers in smaller increments and realized that the trailer industry was the perfect fit for them.

The incremental trailer business, known as White’s Service and Supply, eventually grew too large for the brothers to handle. The two brought on a third partner and, in 2010, WSS Trailers was formed. In the eight years since, things have indeed changed. Earnest bought out his brother’s portion of the company and the third partner eventually retired. Now, Earnest and his wife, Yvonne, handle the dealership alone and have turned it into a booming business in Burleson, Texas.

For the Whites, there isn’t a “secret to success.” If anything, there’s only one core motive behind their dealership’s actions: honesty.

“As long as you stay honest, you’ll be alright,” says Earnest.

Having been in the business for twenty years, White may be onto something. The honesty he so often talks about has converted both in-state and out-of-state prospects to brand-loyal customers willing to travel great lengths to see him and his wife.

“Our repeat customers are our biggest success,” explains Yvonne.

With so many changes impacting the industry right now, customer loyalty has definitely helped WSS Trailers thrive. The small company has become known for their customer service, low prices and quality trailers. Those last two items have become a bigger hurdle over the years. Earnest says that the price of trailers has increased compared to their quality.

“It’s hard for the little man to stay competitive and profitable,” he states.

For Earnest and Yvonne, though, the economy is booming, and customers are eager to purchase. As for where the industry is headed, Earnest expects more of the same.

“The industry has its ebbs and flows,” Earnest says.

WSS Trailers must be in the middle of a particularly good “flow”, then. The company is doing so well, it recently welcomed a new service technician.

An NATDA member since 2011, WSS Trailers acknowledges the help of the North American Trailer Dealers Association in helping take the business to another level.

“NATDA provides us with great information through the magazine, website, trade show and its staff. We’ve put a lot of it educational ideas into practice and have seen great results through Google reviews and other marketing items,” Yvonne says. “We started offering NATDA’s Tire & Wheel Hazard Protection Program. We’re excited to see how that grows.”

One of the things the pair is most excited about, though, is the 2018 NATDA Trade Show. “You learn so much at the show. It’s the best way to stay head of the game and one step ahead of the competition,” says Earnest.

To learn more about WSS Trailers, please visit www.wsstrailers.com.