Go Above & Beyond to Reach your Perfect Prospects

Written by: Lauren Labunsky, Dealer Spike

Thanks to a plethora of online resources and easy access to the internet via mobile devices, customers often go through extensive online research before making purchase decisions. When a customer visits your dealership, it’s likely that they have already visited your website, social media platforms, online reviews on business listings sites, and more. The ability to browse and compare online before ever submitting a lead creates a much longer customer journey, which can be beneficial to your business – if you are reaching those customers throughout their journey in strategic ways.

Targeted Digital Advertising strategies can help. These allow you to go above and beyond tools like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Marketing Automation – which all come with limitations to either the search engine or your dealership website. There is a vast wealth of online real estate that exists outside of these platforms, and Targeted Digital Advertising methods open a new world of digital marketing opportunities that are not even limited to a prospect’s online activity.

Website Retargeting and Behavioral Targeting eliminate the guesswork when it comes to an online user’s intention to buy from your dealership. Behavioral Targeting tracks online users reading content and using keywords in searches on websites outside of your own that match what your dealership sells. Website Retargeting serves past website visitors ads that remind them to return to your website. Both tools help your business reach online prospects displaying behavior that indicates a likely interest in buying from you.

Geofence Targeting allows you to make a digital connection to what a prospect does in “real life” by advertising to people who enter specific locations. If you’ve chosen to target the competing dealership across town, for example, anyone who goes into that dealership and uses a smartphone to go online will see an ad for your dealership. GPS-enabled data allows you to connect digitally to people taking in-person actions that signal an intent to purchase.

Another platform to consider is the video content that people consume. Video streaming services through devices like Google TV, Roku, Xbox, and more allow you to digitally reach consumers with Video & OTT/CTV Advertising. Rather than spending money on TV commercials, which have become outdated with so many more convenient streaming options available, this advertising strategy reaches consumers on the platforms they are using today.

The ability to reach consumers where they are is so powerful and so important in today’s world, where making digital connections with customers is not only expected but vital to a business’ marketing success. These strategies take into account a prospect’s behaviors and actions, then advertise accordingly. With Targeted Digital Advertising, it is possible to reach prospects outside of search engines or your website – and both online and offline.


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