Get Straight to the Point with E-Newsletter Marketing

Written by: Lauren Labunksy, Dealer Spike

In a digital-first world that can often feel very impersonal, there are only a few marketing methods that allow businesses to get personal with customers – e-newsletter marketing is one of them. This method takes the relationship that customers have chosen to have with your dealership, by providing their own contact information, and allows you to connect with them authentically.

Think of your marketing options as if you’re playing a game of darts. Paying for a billboard advertisement or running a TV commercial is like shooting a dart with your eyes closed. You don’t know how many legitimate prospects will see it, and you’ll never know if they do not choose to visit your store or website - even if it does spark interest for your dealership, there is no tangible way to track or follow up on those leads.

Search engine and social media ads, on the other hand, are likely to get you pretty close to your target. Selecting ad settings that narrow down a wide audience by demographics, behaviors, interests, and more will help you target online users who are likely to be prospects.

E-newsletter marketing helps you hit the bullseye. These people have chosen to opt in and receive emails from your business – they are not just likely but guaranteed to be interested in buying from your dealership.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the thought of creating an email marketing strategy and getting the process started. Your audience is already defined by those who sign up for your emails, and there is a good chance that you already have a list of email address contacts (if not, start collecting that information today). Focus on deciding how often you want to send your e-newsletters, and what kind of content you want to share. There are obvious events that call for a marketing email – a big announcement or sale, for example – but to connect with your email subscribers on a deeper level it’s best practice to reach out to them on a regular basis, sharing not only promotional materials but other types of content that they will be valuable to them as well.

While e-newsletter marketing doesn’t need to be high-tech or fancy, customers appreciate seeing that time and thought has gone into your marketing efforts. If an in- house graphic designer or marketing specialist is out of your budget, check to see if your web provider could offer these services. If not, there are many third-party companies to choose from. One important thing to keep in mind is that you want to be consistent in your branding. Your marketing materials should look like they are coming from your dealership, matching your website in style and design. To enforce brand recognition, everything should flow.

Not only does e-newsletter marketing provide a platform to directly reach proven leads for your dealership, but it also allows you to easily access those leads. It’s a valuable marketing tool that is nowhere close to decreasing in popularity, despite many other trends that come and go. It is a solid strategy that delivers proven results. Communicating with your customers and prospects through email marketing is direct, personal, and effective.


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