How to Get a Quote On Your Next Truckload Shipment

05/16/2017 12:18pm

Cleveland, OH (May 16, 2017) – Do you have a truckload shipment ready to be sent out? Need a flatbed to haul trailers on and looking to expedite the process of obtaining a quote? One way to quickly and efficiently get your truckload shipment on its way is to have all the information necessary before calling for a quote. Below is a list of tips to follow before picking up a phone or shooting out an email about your truckload shipment.

  1. Know the Basics – Where is the shipment picking up and where is it going? Are appointment times necessary – does the shipment need a specific pickup or delivery time/date? How many pieces, what type of packaging is being used, and what is the weight of the shipment? All of these questions need to be answered before getting a truckload rate.
  2. Equipment Type – Truckload shipments can have many different requirements – dry van, flat bed, refrigerated, to name a few. Determining the correct option for your specific shipment is an important part of the truckload shipping process and can affect variables like carrier availability. Need more help determining which equipment your shipment requires? Check out this post on truckload equipment options for more information.
  3. Commodity – What are you shipping? A basic description of the contents of your shipment is enough to get you an accurate rate on your pending truckload shipment.
  4. Value of the Shipment – It is important to know the value of the goods you are transporting. Even though most carriers have cargo legal liability coverage, typically these policies have limits of $100,000 per trailer; there is no longer any federal requirement for motor carriers to carry cargo insurance. If your shipper knows the value of your move, they should be able to ensure the carrier that moves your load has adequate coverage or even obtain additional coverage if necessary.

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