Gen-Y Hitch Releases "Harvester", Targets AG Industry

03/02/2018 5:53pm

Bremen, IN (March 2, 2018) – Gen-Y Hitch has targeted the AG industry with their new release, the “Harvester” Ag Torsion Receiver Hitch.

The Gen-Y torsion hitch, released in 2015, is a torsion variety of their drop hitch system. The Harvester Ag Torsion Hitch uses the same torsion system, but is made specifically for the agriculture industry.

The Harvester by Gen-Y Hitch is designed to eliminate the constant wrenching and jerking motion that happens when towing many agricultural implements such as anhydrous tanks, hay/gravity wagons, etc. Unlike the traditional torsion hitches which absorb the vertical (tongue weight) inertia between truck and trailer, the Harvester absorbs the horizontal (back & forth) inertia between truck and implement making for a much safer and more enjoyable towing experience.

“We have talked with end users and dealers alike, and many of them have told us of the need out there for an Ag version of our torsion system,”said Carl Borkholder, Gen-Y Hitch Founder. “Like many of our other products, this has come about because of suggestions from our customers. We truly desire to meet each and every one off their needs in regards to their daily towing responsibilities.”

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About Gen-Y Hitch
Gen-Y™ Industries was formed in 2011 by Carl Borkholder. The foundations of Gen-Y Hitch were based upon the involvement of Carl in the recreational vehicle industry centered in nearby Elkhart County, Indiana as well as Carl’s involvement in the ownership and operation of a business which provided commercial tree care services.