Futura Trailers Inc. Announces the Super Sport Lowering Trailer

AUCKLAND, New Zealand - Futura Trailers Inc. announced the release of its Super Sport 2021 Lowering Trailer. Offering simplicity through design and engineering, the inventive design from Futura Trailers Inc. is forged with superior materials to produce a revolutionary lowering trailer.

"Born from a desire to optimize time at track days we engineered the Futura lowering trailer in the same way we would engineer a race vehicle; using in-depth knowledge of structural design and cutting-edge materials and manufacturing techniques. The result is an extremely strong yet lightweight design, with striking aesthetics, capable of lowering to the ground for quick and safe loading and unloading of cars with low ground clearance," shared Bailey Schmidt of Futura Trailers Inc.

Dealers can look forward to the following features, making the Super Sport 2021 Lowering Trailers exceptionally easy to use.

  • The deck has a 3-degree approach angle, allowing cars with low spoilers can easily get on and off the trailer without the risk of damage
  • There is a continuous airline track around the edge of the trailer which offers a versatile way to tie down any vehicle
  • The deck is 81-inches with a flared tail and recessed LED lights making it easy to load
  • Removable fenders with a quick-release fastener - a 7-inch door clearance is all that's required
  • The trailer is super lightweight and has an auto-folding jockey wheel for easy maneuvering by one person

"Futura Trailers are engineered to be effortless. The Futura Super Sport lowers to the ground with the patented winch and synthetic rope system. The driver, with remote control in hand, drives on the trailer, activates the winch with the remote, raises the trailer up then opens the door and can step out of the car," explained Schmidt.

Dealers that wish to pre-order the Super Sport 2021 Lowering Trailers are encouraged to contact Futura Trailers Inc. by filling out this form.

Futura Trailers Inc. 

With 50 years of leading innovation and technology, Alan Reid started building trailers at home in Auckland, New Zealand. Futura Trailers Inc. utilizes innovative production knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation. 

To learn more, please visit www.futuratrailers.com.

Source: Futura Trailers Inc. Press Release.