Follow Customers Online to Close More Sales

Written by: Lauren Labunsky, Dealer Spike

The “Rule of 7s” is a common belief in marketing, meaning that a customer needs to see or hear something seven times to remember it. In older marketing days, this could have meant seven TV commercials, seven radio ads or seven times driving by a billboard.

In today’s digitally-focused world, that number has likely increased. We are constantly exposed to online advertising. It’s realistic that a person might need to see a digital ad even dozens of times before the message truly sticks with them.

Website Re-targeting allows you, as a retailer, to keep serving reminders about the units you sell to your prospective customers.

If a person visits your website, this clearly means he or she is interested in purchasing a trailer. At the very least, they made the effort to get more information. If that person continues to see ads for your dealership as they navigate to other websites, it will increase the likelihood they will return to your site at some point.

The more exposure your dealership advertisements get, the better the chance those ads lead to conversions – people who return to your site and end up submitting a lead or purchasing a trailer.

Due to our digitally-connected world, people have short attention spans. There’s a ton of information online and people get distracted. Website Re-targeting fights through that distraction by reaching busy people who may need multiple reminders to follow through with an intended purchase.

Without Website Re-targeting, a prospect might remember their intent to buy a trailer months down the road. At that point, they may not remember the specific dealership website they were looking at. It’s possible that a competing business could earn that sale instead, even if the trailer at your dealership is the one that they were initially interested in.

Website Re-targeting is a valuable asset for your business. Ads can help you close sales that may have otherwise gone dry and they protect your dealership from losing opportunities to competitors. Rather than investing in expensive and outdated advertising methods like TV commercials, you can set a flexible budget through digital advertising.

Additionally, you can no longer count on people watching local TV channels, but nearly everyone uses a computer every day. Most people carry a computer in their pocket if they own a smartphone.

In modern marketing strategy, it makes sense to reach customers on a digital level. The repetitive nature of Website Re-targeting keeps customers engaged and keeps your dealership at top of mind.


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