FASTENation® Planning to Make SilverTape® Stick in Trailer Industry

05/16/2017 2:11pm

Clifton, NJ (May 15, 2017) – With regard to the Truck and Trailer industry, FASTENation ® has seen remarkable success with the sale of its SilverTape ® products.  Manufacturers of transportation vehicles are seeing the benefits in making the switch to these high strength acrylic foam tapes for their applications.  

The SilverTape ® products offered by FASTENation ® are double-sided high-performance acrylic based adhesive tapes.  These tapes are extremely durable, providing unmatched bond strength that is resistant to both age and weather conditions.  They are designed for a wide variety of materials with varying levels of surface energy (including metal, plastic, glass, wood & other substrates), and are suitable for both interior and exterior applications. SilverTape® tapes are the perfect products to replace rivets, screws, and spot welds and can be used in a variety of applications, including bonding panel to panel, post to panel, roofing & flooring sheets/panels, wall attachments, exterior ventilation, and more.  As an added bonus, FASTENation can custom convert all SilverTape® products to meet customer specifications and have experts on hand to assist with any product or application questions.

Features of SilverTape for Truck/Trailer Applications:

·         Maintains smoothness in trailer sidewalls
·         High impact resistance, even at temperatures below 32°F (0°C)
·         Noise reduction
·         Resistant to wind & water, UV, aging, softening agents, and solvents
·         Acts as a sealant and forms a permanent tension free bond
·         Improved appearance
·         High initial tack and a good plasticizer resistance
·         Ease of application reduces production time, labor, and associated costs

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About FASTENation, Inc.
FASTENation® Inc. is a performance-driven fastener company with offices in Clifton, New Jersey and Charleston, South Carolina. Founded in 1997, the organization provides quality fasteners for every industry, offering a broad range of products and converting services globally to more than 50 countries.  

The quality fasteners offered are from highly respected brands including Velcro USA Inc., 3M™, Glue Dots International, AFTC, and Adhesive Applications.  FASTENation ® also manufacturers a complete line of table skirting clips, CD/DVD hubs, and cable management systems. Custom converting services are provided for all fasteners: cutting, rotary die cutting, slitting, assembling (ultrasonic welding or sewing), packaging, and bar coding for commercial customers. 

The growth of the organization has been explosive over the last 20 years. The success can be attributed to a willingness to accept customers’ challenges, consistent execution on the commitment by offering one of the largest nationwide inventories, and a highly trained staff with the ability to provide unrivaled technical expertise.