Erickson Manufacturing Announces 4 New Products

Marine City, MI (January 22, 2019) - The team at Erickson Manufacturing, a North American tie-down and towing product manufacturer, has added new and creative products to their lineup to kick off 2019.  


With the addition of four small metal brackets and a couple 2x4s, turn your pickup truck tailgate into a convenient Sawhorse. With this great invention, you now have a work station wherever you want it. Plus, with an additional piece of lumber, long items are no longer a problem as well. The Tailgate Sawhorse is the entry-level model to the Big Bed family and has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from industry professionals at the 2018 AAPEX show! 

Erickson will feature this product on the popular TV show, Truck U, on Velocity TV starting June 2019. It's planned to air eight times throughout the year, with possibilities of re-runs. 


Last year, Erickson Manufacturing added safety flags and banners, which were very successful. The company has now added a couple of safety triangles to its offering. Both models simply fold down and store away in the plastic storage box. 

  • Part #05310: 3-Pack DOT Approved
  • Part #05313: 1-Pack LED Flashing

Also introduced was a brand-new lineup of Camo straps. The ratchet features a new printing process on the handle that really pops in the package.  All hooks feature a patented "Cap Lock" that prevents the hook from falling off during hook up, something the company calls "aggravation-proof". To complete the program, Erickson Manufacturing finished the assortment with a 4"x30' two strap. 


E-Track and accessories are becoming more and more popular among today's consumer. This is proven by Ford adding a similar system to the new F-150s. Erickson's Mini Plate allows any truck owner to outfit their truck box. Plus, it's a great addition to any trailer! it provides an inexpensive introduction to the E-Track system available from Erickson. 


Erickson Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of tie-downs & towing products in North America. For over 25 years, Erickson Manufacturing strives to provided the safest products available with the consumer in mind. To learn more, please visit