CM Truck Beds Partners with CTech Manufacturing

KINGSTON, Okla. — Visitors of the 2020 Work Truck Show will get a first look at an exciting new option from CM Truck Beds: OEM-installed CTech toolbox cabinets. Available as an option on any size TM or TMX body, CM Truck Beds’s CTech Manufacturing cabinets represent a cutting-edge storage solution for work truck users seeking maximum durability and functionality.

The CTech Manufacturing's cabinets feature heavy-duty ball-bearing drawer sliders, built to withstand year after year of heavy use and exposure to the elements. The sliders open and close smoothly, even when drawers are weighted down with heavy loads of tools, fasteners or other items with a one-hand, one-motion latch system. The integrated latch handles also optimize drawer depth. CTech Manufacturing's cabinets feature a premium-quality powder coat finish, delivering longlasting durability and head-turning shine. Installed at the manufacturer using fastener assembly, which allows for easy repair or replacement of damaged parts or panels.

“We’re thrilled to bring CTech’s state-of-the-art approach to cabinetry to our work truck users,” said CM Truck Beds Vice President Joe Lewis. “CTech products are truly best-in-class, making them a perfect match for our best-selling TM beds.”

See the cabinetry on the TMX truck bed in CM Truck Beds’ booth at the NTEA Work Truck Show, March 3-6, in Indianapolis. 

About CM Truck Beds (Booth 947)

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Source: CM Truck Beds Press Release