Buyers Products Co. Upgrades its SnowDogg®Snow Plows Line

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Buyers Products Company, a leading manufacturer of work truck equipment, is upgrading its full line of SnowDogg® snow plows with the RapidLink™ Attachment System. Due to overwhelming success and demand on Buyers Products Company’s two best-selling plows in 2019, the company will integrate the full line of truck plows in the upcoming season.

The RapidLink Attachment System is designed to mount or dismount the plow quickly. A drop-leg and a hydraulically powered “Jack Switch” allow end-users to fine-tune the plows’ mounting height making it easy to compensate for any uneven ground while also offering changeability to the mounting height allowing the RapidLink Attachment System to accommodate different fleet vehicles.

“The RapidLink is brilliant in its simplicity,” says Scott Moorman, snow and ice product manager at Buyers Products Company. “It’s easy to use and highly adaptable to different vehicles and terrain. We introduced the RapidLink on our half-ton plows last year and users loved it. We’re confident our full-size plow fans will feel the same way.”

All-new full-size SnowDogg plows including the VXFII, EXII, and HDII lines, will feature the RapidLink Attachment System starting in the 2020/2021 snow season.

About Buyers Products Company

Established in 1946, Buyers Products Company is a leading manufacturer of all types of equipment for the work truck industry. Buyers Products specializes in durable truck boxes, heavy-duty towing equipment, hydraulics, controls and all-season trailer accessories. The Buyers’ line of snow and ice equipment includes SnowDogg® snowplows, SaltDogg® spreaders and ScoopDogg by Buyers snow pushers.

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Source: Buyers Products Company Press Release