Build a Loyal Customer Base with Text Messaging


As any trailer dealer understands all too well, customer retention and loyalty can make or break a business. Whether your team deals in sales or rentals or both, your customers will more than likely be back multiple times for different reasons - and to make repeat purchases. This means delivering amazing customer experiences both in and out of your shop is even more critical.

Improving customer satisfaction is now one of the main focuses in the modern consumer environment, as more businesses cite customer experience as or more important than the product or service itself. For trailer dealers and other retailers, delivering this customer-first experience means providing the customer with the type of engagement, communication, marketing, and sales experience that they actually want. According to a Pew Research Center report, nearly 90% of customers prefer engaging with businesses through text messages rather than phone calls.

While one might not immediately think of ‘digital innovators’ when they think of trailer dealers, text messaging is now top-of-mind for businesses looking to provide this customer-first approach to growing a loyal customer base. Here are a few ways text messaging can help your business increase customer satisfaction and grow a loyal customer base:

Texting prompts engagement.

Modern consumers are over the days of mass-marketing email blasts and recorded phone calls. They’re highly tuned to spam content and to the messages they receive from brands. This is why text messaging is being welcomed with open arms. Because customers have to opt-in to receive texts from brands, they know that anyone texting them is probably important. Plus, text messages actually get read, unlike emails. More than 95% of texts are read within three minutes, and customers are seven times more likely to respond to a text than to a voicemail. Because texts from brands typically include a link or CTA to drive action, customers are more likely to engage right from their phones.

It saves time for everyone involved.

One reason text messaging is so popular in our personal lives is that it is incredibly streamlined, and this time-saving mentality is helping to drive business texting between brands and consumers as well. While texting saves time for customers, it also can save time for your trailer dealership employees. Text messaging eliminates time spent on hold with customers, time spent waiting for inbound phone calls, and phone call traffic. Texting also gives way to automated processes and workflows. Many inbound text inquiries from customers are the same, which means your team can templatize answers and speed up the response process. Faster responses equal increased customer satisfaction, which can work wonders in building loyal, repeat shoppers.

Texting is easy and simple.

As brands across all industries look to diversify their communication channels and provide true omni-channel engagement experiences to customers, text messaging has emerged as a strong favorite for one reason: it’s versatile and simple. Brands can easily personalize messages, add in images or dynamic content, and customize attachments to convey specific messages. Business texts are short, clear, and to the point. They are meant to share a single message with a customer, direct them to take action or let them know the next steps, and provide a way for a customer to respond with any follow up questions they may have. There are clear expectations and boundaries, which is what customers are looking for from brand engagement.

Customers want to receive texts.

Customers are going to frequently engage with brands who are actively providing them with services and solutions that are meant to heighten and improve the customer experience. Customers don’t want to sit on hold with a customer service department. They don’t want to search through an overflowing inbox looking for a specific promotion offer. They want quick, efficient communications when and where they’re ready for it. Customers can also engage directly with a brand through texts easier. Whether it’s providing an online review, asking a question, or following up on an order, a text allows customers to know that someone is going to read, respond to, and engage with their inquiry in a timely manner.

You can learn more about setting up a business texting line for your trailer dealership here.


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