Big Tex Trailers Expands Dealer Support with Web Connect Program

07/03/2018 12:15pm

  •  Big Tex Trailers renewed its commitment to dealer success with the Dealer Advantage program
  •  The Big Tex Web Connect dealer website program is setting the bar for trailer dealer sites in 2018
  • The program is offered at no cost to Big Tex dealers in good standing

Mount Pleasant, TX (July 3, 2018) – Big Tex Trailers’ reputation for leadership was built on far more than industry-leading trailers. Exceptional dealer support has always been an important part of the Big Tex strategy. That commitment to position dealer partners for success has taken many forms over the years, but marketing support has consistently been a part of the equation.

For 2018, Big Tex Trailers renewed its commitment to dealer success with the Dealer Advantage program, a three-part offering featuring digital marketing tools, salesperson training and exclusive consumer finance options. When it comes to marketing, the biggest component of the Dealer Advantage program has been the Web Connect dealer website offering.

Building on a vision initially developed more than five years ago, Big Tex Trailers spent the second half of 2017 preparing an entirely new, totally modern solution for trailer dealer websites. Hosted on blazing-fast Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers and leveraging modern best-practices in website design, the Big Tex Web Connect dealer website program is setting the bar for trailer dealer sites in 2018.

“We’ve successfully launched websites for Big Tex dealers at more than 170 locations on the Web Connect platform in the first six months of 2018, at no cost to the dealers,” said Pearl Ponthieux, Web Connect program manager. “The key to the program – and the reason it took so long to prepare last year – was a focus on scalability and long-term support. We wanted leverage all of Big Tex’s size and experience on behalf of our dealers.”

And the scale is remarkable. For just the month of June, 2018, Ponthieux reports more than 235,000 visits to Web Connect sites resulting in more than a million page views.

“No other manufacturer has that kind of reach, that kind of insight into the market,” declares Matt Guilford, marketing vice president. “We’re currently building out activity reports for dealers on the platform that will give them exclusive insights not just to the performance of their website, but what’s going on across the country.”

As just one example of the insights available from the network, Guilford reports that more than 70% of page views at the dealer site level are inventory-related. “If we think about consumer behavior in other categories, I don’t think it’s that surprising,” he said. “Consumer research often starts with OEM websites, category websites and publications. By the time the consumer makes it to their local dealer site, they generally have two questions: what do you have in stock and what does it cost?”

To help trailer dealers address these two questions and make sure their inventory is up to date, the Big Tex Web Connect platform has a seamlessly integrated inventory management system (IMS). All products ordered from Big Tex – and a few related sister companies – are automatically loaded on behalf of dealers when it leaves the factory. Each listing automatically includes professionally written descriptions, photographs, specs and three-dimensional renderings, though dealers can modify any part of the listing to their preference.

The inventory management system was designed so that product from Big Tex would be loaded automatically and professionally, but also to make it easy to upload non-Big Tex products. The company reports that approximately half of the items in the Web Connect IMS are non-Big Tex products. In both cases, a well-designed IMS is important not only to present the product well on the dealer site, but to format the listing for success when it’s exported to other sales portals, like Craigslist.

“Craigslist used to be the wild west of trailer marketing,” said Guilford. “It seemed like whoever could find ways to post more frequently would win. However, in the last 12 months Craigslist algorithms have shifted significantly, focusing on relevance over recency. Frankly, it’s become much more like a traditional search engine. That means your product data has to be formatted and optimized, something our Web Connect IMS does really well.”

The Big Tex Trailers Web Connect program with integrated inventory management is a long-term investment in dealer success. The program is offered at no cost to Big Tex dealers in good standing. And Big Tex sees the launch of the dealer websites as just the beginning.

“We are committed to this thing for the long haul,” said Guilford. “We’re hiring additional positions to support the dealers and making additional investments in the Web Connect platform. And we’re simplifying things for dealers along the way, removing the need to create a lot of inventory listings and eliminating an annual web-hosting bill they need to pay. When we apply industry-best practices at scale for Big Tex dealers, everyone wins.” 

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