BCI's "You're the Problem (and the Solution!)" Now Available for Pre-Order

Liberty, MO - Bob Clements International (BCI), a leader in dealership training and development, announced a new book, "You’re the Problem (and the Solution)." Through this book, authors Bob Clements and Sara Hey share proven habits  that have allowed owners and managers to reclaim their lives, sanity, and dealerships.

"You’re the Problem (and the Solution!)" is now available to pre-order on www.bobclements.com and will be released on October 15, 2020. The book shares real dealership stories along with practical and applicable information on how dealership owners and managers can implement some of Bob Clements International’s world-renowned best practices.

“Over the years that I have been involved in the dealership world, I discovered something. I found that some dealers were in a never-ending, all-consuming stream of struggle, day after day, while others seemed to be successful regardless of what happened to them or their dealership. It made me wonder, what separated the thousands of successful dealers we have worked with from the ones that could never get ahead?” says Sara Hey, VP of Business Development and Speaker for BCI. “Our team spent a year, taking an in-depth look at this, and what we found were 7 proven habits that all of these dealers exhibited. We knew that we had to find a way to share these with any dealer who was willing to put in the work.”


“Through personable, humorous, and authentic storytelling, Bob and Sara provide detailed advice on how to run a dealership. Their real-life scenarios provide solution-based answers to problems that have been challenging businesses for years.” - Cassie Hopkins, General Manager, TCF Inventory Finance

“Every dealership owner or manager needs to read this book. It is the ultimate guide to running a great business and not letting the business run you! Each of the steps listed in this book are spot on for dealership owners and managers to improve their dealership along with improving their life outside of the dealership as well.” - Joel Bauer, President, Midsota Trailer Manufacturing

“As a manufacturer of products sold through a dealer network, we’ve relied on the experience and expertise of Bob Clements and Sara Hey at Bob Clements International to help our dealers and our business grow. They take the time to listen and are passionate about the success of dealers and manufactures. That knowledge and enthusiasm is showcased perfectly in this book.” - Mike Draper, Sales & Marketing Manager, Bear Track Trailers

“Bob and Sara’s brilliant approach to identifying the problem AND the solution is both insightful and comforting. Sometimes the most simple answers are right in front of us, and Bob and Sara expertly identify behaviors that lead to success, as well as those that don’t. Hope may not be a strategy, but reading this book is!”- Carissa Gingras, Senior Director of Marketing, Briggs & Stratton

For more information or to pre-order "You're the Problem (and the Solution!)," please visit www.bobclements.com.

About Bob Clements International

Bob Clements International's goal is to bring best practices to the industry – helping dealers and manufacturers reach new levels of success. It's team leverages every form of technology and innovation possible to make what it offers affordable, accessible and relevant to this industry. Bob Clements International operates upon three core values: excellence, integrity and performance. As a team, it strives to deliver every product and service with excellence, maintain a high standard of integrity and work to assist dealers and manufacturers in achieving success.