Air-tow Trailers Reveals Rental 14 Details

SOURCE: Air-tow Trailers Press Release

La Verne, CA (June 11, 2019) - Air-tow Trailers’ Rental 14 is a traditional Air-tow flatbed with features designed to benefit the rental industry.

Air-tow’s ground-loading technology lowers the deck flat to the ground and stays level throughout the process, making loading and unloading all types of equipment easy and safe. A rubber bumper is fixed to the front rail for added equipment protection.

A 10,000-lb capacity and a 75” wide deck allows the Rental 14 to carry large equipment that may be difficult for other trailers such as skid steers or multiple scissor lifts. The Rental 14 is equipped with corner chain pockets and a 10” deep binder compartment for quick access to chains, tie-downs and binders. It also comes with a tie-down bar across the front and along the sides, two tail-end D-rings and a rear center chain slot for a total of 22 different anchor points.

With unmatched durability and an easy-to-use system, the Rental 14 is quickly becoming a rental industry favorite. For more information call 800-479-7975 or visit