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959 Hwy 95N Shiner, TX 77984 United States

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Member Since: 2015

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Company Overview

BEDROCK Truck Beds symbolize American quality, Texas pride, and the integrity of a small-town legacy. With Texas ranchers serving as our most thorough critics, not a single detail was overlooked in designing five truck bed series and several optional accessory kits that would meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. BEDROCK has led innovation in the truck bed industry by inventing simple yet revolutionary solutions such as adjustable headache racks, plug and play wiring adapters and universal installation kits. BEDROCK was born into a family of companies with over a century of manufacturing experience, and we’ve consistently delivered the highest quality product in our respective industries. We are so confident in our workmanship and products that we back our truck beds with a 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty. We've created the most durable powder-coat finish, sturdiest full steel build and strongest towing system available. We trust that after a hard day’s work, our customers can depend on the durability of their BEDROCK Truck Bed.
Photo of Bedrock Truck Beds


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Flatbed, Truck Bed